We dream together and work together !!!

Dr. Vijoy Kishore Sinha

Chairman and Founder

The British Diction was founded in 1995 by Dr. Vijoy Kishore Sinha. His dream then and today is to bring India to a state were everyone in India understands the English Language and Litrature so that they could understand what is happening arround them.
  • Phd, Netherland University
  • MA, LLB
  • 35 Years of Teaching Experiance
  • Expertise in training students for Compititive Examinations, Spoken English, TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC etc

Animesh Raj Vardhan

Director - Operation and IT

Animesh has a flair for making education accessible by everyone and it has to be cheap. He is of very strong openion that Education is the basic need like food and health and everyone should get it irrespective of their cast, creed and religon. He stronlgy belives that education should be digitalised as printing on papers is not going to make our life easier.
  • 15 Years of Learning and Development Experiance
  • Learning Managment System Expert
  • Content Creator and Designer
  • Double Graduate
  • Adobe Pro
  • Moodle Pro
  • SuccessFactor Pro

Tanima Vardhan

Director - Content and Delivery

Tanima has very extensive experiance in school curiculam and school handling and managment. She has been associated with worlds top brands in designing teaching and training peddaggo for School Kids and specially the Play School
  • MBA
  • 17 Years of School Managment Experiance
  • Expertise in training School Staff for Productive Teaching

Rekha Singh

Director - Administration

An impecable administrator with great control over the adminsitration as she has huge experiance in same field. The smooth functioning of The British Diction completely relies on her skils and decisons.
  • MA
  • 25 Years of Administration Experiance

Bandana Bharti

HR Head

HR Proffestional with apt experiance and expertise in handling day to day HR activities.
  • MBA, HR
  • 10 Years of Working Experiance

Jugnu Ara

Lead Administrator

She handles all day to work and its due allocation and she is very good at that. She also heads a small team of freelancers who work together to keep the system working in terms of content and design. She has very keen interest in learning the way a Learning Managment System works and how its features can be used to deliver an impecable training.
  • Graduate
  • 3 Years of Working Experiance