Established in 1995, British Diction came up as an idea to impart the nuances of English language to every learner. Ever since, we have been imparting lessons on basic and advanced levels of English Language. What sets us apart is the approach that we take to logically explain the construct/essence of the language in a simple yet efficient manner which is suitable for learners at all levels.

You can follow our short English Language concept videos on Youtube. We offer various courses to master the art of English Language, even from an examination perspective. We also conduct clarification sessions wherein you can jot down all your doubts and get them cleared by experts who will chisel your understanding.

Over the last 23 years, our vision is to reach out to every English language learner and bridge the gap between educational institutions and students who don’t get substantial learning outcomes from it.



British Diction is the brainchild of Dr.V.K.Sinha who has been a part of the educational system for most of his life. Dr. Sinha has completed his post-graduation from Bihar University. He further completed his M.Phil., in English from the Global Open University, Nagaland. He acquired a PhD. from Netherlands where his doctorate study was on ‘Meditation on the threshold of the 21st century.’ He has been training students for all sorts of national competitive exams for over 30 years like NDA, CDF, CPF, CSAT, UPSC, GATE etc. He imparts English training for 30 national competitive exams.

Dr. Sinha also has headed the editorial team for 8 books on Geography, out of which 4 have already been published. He has also assisted the Global Open University, Nagaland in setting up their course material/curriculum. He recently published a book ‘All About Ethics, Integrity, Attitude & Aptitude which is a part of the UPSC recommended reading material.



The key to learning any language is practice, persistence and perseverance.

Students who take up English as a course don’t benefit much from the current curriculum design at institutes because it doesn’t break down the logic of the language to make it easier to understand! That’s what we do at the British Diction!

We break down smaller concepts of the larger umbrella called English Language and present it to you in short doses so that you understand the deeper details in a logical manner.

These short videos, course material, bank of practice material and doubt clarification sessions with the expert will give you an edge over the language. We’re here to help you master with ease!

The British Diction is a house of English as the name suggests. Diction means style of enunciation in speaking or singing and British means of British origin, so taken together as the name of the institution turns out to be "ENGLISH LANGUAGE" or the art of speaking English language.