Established on 21st November, 1995, British Diction came up as an idea to impart the nuances of English language to every learner. Ever since, we have been imparting lessons on basic and advanced levels of English Language. What sets us apart is the approach that we take to logically explain the construct/essence of the language in a simple yet efficient manner which is suitable for learners at all levels. We wish to take English digitally and in the most simple yet effective manner to the whole of India!



This is the home of English Language. If your flair with English Language is a hindrance to your potential, then you’ve come to the right place!

We offer various courses to master the art of English Language, even from an examination perspective. You can follow our short English Language concept videos on Youtube. We also conduct clarification sessions wherein you can jot down all your doubts and get them cleared by experts who will chisel your understanding.